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Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I get paid?

We pay via Direct Deposit into either a Checking Account, Savings Account or your choice of any Prepaid Debit Card.

When do I get paid?

Earnings Period starts at Midnight GMT Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, runs for 7 days and ends at Midnight Saturday Night/Sunday Morning GMT (London). Those earnings are paid the SECOND WEDNESDAY after it ends.

What about my Privacy?

For your safety we don't allow you to communicate with our Customers off of the Website. They also don't have any way of finding out any personal information about you. You can Block up to 5 locations by City, State or even whole Countries. Your Privacy and Safety is very important to us.

What do I do when I am online?

You ONLY do what you feel comfortable doing. If someone make s a request and that isn't really your "style" then politely tell them that you aren't interested and they can see if any of our other Models will accommodate him.

Can I refer my existing Clientele to my Modeling Chatroom?

YES! Each Model has a unique link to their profile/chatroom and you are more than welcome to bring your Clients along to WetJuicyCams.com. Please email us at
Woody@WoodyInc.com for your link once your Profile is Approved

I've never done this. Do you offer training?

Absolutely.... Our success depends on you being able to be successful. We provide not only training but also tech support to make sure your video quality is as good as possible! Better Video = Better $$$

What about rude Customers?

You have total control over your chatroom. Rude? Kick them out with a click... A total DOUCHEBAG? Block his ass... You can also report them to our Support Staff and they can review that Customer for Account Deletion. :-)


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